Saturday, January 14, 2012

This Carseat and I...

do not have a very good relationship!!! 
dislike hate it! 

Let's just say that I have washed it a million times due to sickness in my vehicle.  I washed it a million times with G1 and now G2 is carrying on the tradition.  Someone brought it to my attention that maybe it is the carseat and not just my 2 children.  I am not really sure about that, but the more I have thought about it the more I am willing to go and buy another one!

For now, G1 is back to the infant carrier.  Or, until he gets sick in that one and we go back to this one.  He only weighs 19 pounds, so he is still good to go!  Here is to a better week ahead!


Organized Chaos said...

Oh, NO!! DId you have to wash it again? I'm SO sorry! I hate, hate, hate taking the car seat apart to wash it.

I meant to tell you, that as I drove to school the other day from the direction you come, I hit a bump in the road that made my stomach feel nauseated. I thought maybe it was the same bump that got G2 the other day. But if it happened again somewhere else, maybe not. :(

My vote is, check Craigslist for another seat! Want me to keep an eye out for you? :)