Sunday, January 29, 2012


Pinterest is a lot of fun!  I have done several things from there the last couple of months.  I would like to do more of the food items.  They always look so good.  And if I only had longer hair.......  LOL!  The hair photos are really pretty.  I see a lot of prom/wedding ideas coming from Pinterest. 

3rd Annual Halloween Party drinks - I used plastic sunkist bottles!  Photo from Pinterest

Pumpkin racing with a broom - This was fun but stirred up a lot of dust!

Mummy Wraps

Eyeball Racing

Tarp Throw - I will be getting this out again just for the boys to play with this summer.

Photo from pinterest - I did both the boys feet.  One on front and the other on the back with black construction paper.

Super cute and easy!  Photo from Pinterest
Cupcake Teepee's - A lot of work, but cute!  I think the kids loved them.

This is not from Pinterst, but it could be!  We did not want to just put the cute shirt that the Holcomb family got us away,so I turned it into a pillow.  Now it is out all of the time!

This is super easy!  I will be doing this again.  So, if you get one just smile!

Pinterest Photo - This was a lot of fun as well. 

White Queso - I made this last week and will be making it again!  Pinterst Photo

Really easy!  Pinterst Photo

And tons of Elf on the Shelf ideas!