Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great Afternoon for 2 Little Boys!!!!

What a beautiful afternoon!
After lunch they had chocolate pizza!!! YUMMY!!!!

Then outside to ride the tractor and the 4-wheeler,

ride a horse,

rope a little,

play in the barn,

and find a mouse in the water!!!!!

And... a LADYBUG!!!!
Come on Spring!!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Where did this weather go?

I can't believe that it snowed today!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brainwash Contest!!!!!

Lauren Clark Brainwash Contest!!!

WHAT YOU WIN: The winner of this contest will win a FREE 6 hour BRAINWASH!

A Brainwash is super fun and I think really informative. I teach you everything I know, we go to lunch, eat a cupcake, shoot a session together, and learn photoshop! I have Brainwash about 45 people now and have the flow down pretty well to make it specific to what YOU need to learn! It’s a LOT of fun. So compete well.


I have always loved pictures. Although I am not a professional photographer, I would love to start learning more. I follow photography blogs and enjoy seeing all of the different ways and places they take pictures.

Last year I saved to buy a nice camera. I bought a Canon T1i and have had so much fun playing with it. Since buying this camera I have started to THINK about how I take my pictures. Looking at the angle, background, and distance in a different way. I drive by so many places and think, man this would be a great place to take pictures. I have so many ideas. So, to all of my close friends, I might be stealing your kids to play with photography!!!

This will be my 2nd try at winning a BRAINWASH with Lauren Clark. I can't tell you how excited I was when she picked Graham to do a kid's shoot. I have already received so much with that, but thought, what the heck, I will try this. If nothing else, it has got me THINKING!!!!!

So, my old pictures are from when I first got my camera and truly started thinking about photography in a different way. I also have a really good subject that I need to start experimenting with more.

Here we go!

UNO, Dos, UNO, dos, tres, quatro ..... (and cinco!)

1. UNO!

This is the rooster from the (Uno) and only LUCKENBACH, TEXAS! Everybody's somebody in Luckenbach!

2. -U-

I would love to undergo this unique opportunity for the ultimate, up-to-date session with Lauren Clark!!!!

3. -N-

Never Give UP!!! 2nd try at a Brainwash!

4. -O-

I want to learn more about this occupation. I would love this opportunity before you move to Oklahoma!

5. put it all together! UNO!!!!

My number (UNO) person I photograph!!!!

And last, but not least!

Check out Lauren Clark's Uno Blog!!!!

( can even check out the before and after that she did of Graham!)

Uno by Lauren Clark