Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh what FUN!!!

Austin, Graham's cousin, came over to play during the Christmas break! They had so much fun together. Graham figured out how to drive his tractor from Austin! He watched Austin drive it first and you could tell he was bound and determined to make that thing GO!!! It was so funny to watch them play. They were really pretty good about taking turns driving it around the yard. We also went to the Science Spectrum. I will post pictures of that sometime soon!


This picture makes me think of Raymond!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

LIons, Tigers, and Bears OH MY!!!!

So, I have found out a couple of things out about myself in the last couple of months with 2 of them coming today.

I guess I am pregnant, getting a divorce, and quiting my job!!!

Oh my how the rumors FLY!!!!!!

Today at lunch another teacher heard that all the West Kindergarten teachers were pregnant and leaving at the end of the year. I also heard today that I was getting a divorce. I guess a couple of months ago my name was in the paper with another R name for filing a divorce! Also, before Christmas I heard I was quiting my job and being replaced!!!