Sunday, October 25, 2009

TTU GAME 10-24-09

We usually have one game a year that everyone comes to and tailgates. We had great time besides the sad outcome of the game. My Uncle Gary and cousin Nick came and my Mom's good friend Martha and her crew joined the fun. We also were surprised by some of the Turkey crew!

Jacy & Doyle Dean

Happy Birthday Nick!

Ryan, Nick, & Phillip

Clint & Phillip

Ryleigh Jo, Jay, and I

Mom & Martha

Nick, Kyle, and Clint

Ryleigh Jo

Raymond and I

Mom & Bruce

Kelly & I


Allyson, Ryan, and I

Gary & Mike

After eating breakfast/lunch on Sunday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Graham's Halloween Party!

Graham had a Halloween Party last Sunday and it was so much fun! We decorated pumpkins, played pin the nose on the pumpkin, and played. They all looked so cute in their costumes. I hope that we can do it again next year!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lakeridge - TECH DAY!!!

Lakeridge has a tradition on the week of Tech homecoming to have Tech Day! In our classroom we painted shirts with the double T on it and when the football players came today they signed all of them. I bet those boys were tired of signing over 100 of them!!! The cheerleaders, Raider Red, and a couple of players came. It was a lot of fun and the kids were just in heaven!

This was my first picture of the day. This is Graham with his new little friend. I have heard that they are quiet the pair in their room! So CUTE!

My assisstant and I took our boys from the CDO side to join in the fun with our class for a while.

Graham in with the big kids!!!

Nothing like having your picture with cute tiny cheerleaders to make you feel the like you REALLY need to workout! :) Graham is smiling though!

Braylee had a great time!!!!

And... on top of Tech day we also graphed and tasted apples! I hope that my kids had a great day!

Graham's classroom at Lakeridge