Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lakeridge - TECH DAY!!!

Lakeridge has a tradition on the week of Tech homecoming to have Tech Day! In our classroom we painted shirts with the double T on it and when the football players came today they signed all of them. I bet those boys were tired of signing over 100 of them!!! The cheerleaders, Raider Red, and a couple of players came. It was a lot of fun and the kids were just in heaven!

This was my first picture of the day. This is Graham with his new little friend. I have heard that they are quiet the pair in their room! So CUTE!

My assisstant and I took our boys from the CDO side to join in the fun with our class for a while.

Graham in with the big kids!!!

Nothing like having your picture with cute tiny cheerleaders to make you feel the like you REALLY need to workout! :) Graham is smiling though!

Braylee had a great time!!!!

And... on top of Tech day we also graphed and tasted apples! I hope that my kids had a great day!

Graham's classroom at Lakeridge


kdeemcbell said...

Thanks for posting pics of BK!