Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Glad Today is OVER!!!!

Well, it sounds like Graham had a great day at daycare today. I am so glad to have this day behind me. Thank you to everyone who kept telling me it would be OK!!!!!

They fill out a little daily sheet on them telling you what they did throughout the day. Graham took both naps! I am so happy that he did and hope that he continues. This is what I was most worried about because he has always been "contained" to take naps. They said he ate most of his lunch, was happy, and that they talked about and colored a bird today. He should have liked that because he knows the sign for bird and points them out everywhere.

So... I guess he will go back tomorrow. I hope that tomorrow goes just as well.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Goodbye SUMMER!

Today is the last day of summer! Although I have had a great summer with little Graham, I am not ready to go back. I feel like it has just gone by way to fast. I had to go to alot of workshops and they were truly spread out over the summer every other week. And... Graham is having to start daycare on Tuesday. I am having a really hard time with this. So, say a prayer for me that morning. The person that kept him last year is moving. Not only am I sad that she will not be able to keep him, I am sad to see this family go. I have taught the 2 oldest girls and was supposed to have the 3rd out of 4 this coming year! I pray that we keep in touch. I will have pictures of our visit to see them sometime soon.

So, I leave you with Graham's new shoes to start daycare next week. What a big boy he is!!!!

Fun in the MUD!!!

Raymond will probably not be very happy with me for posting this picture nor does he know I took it.
Dont' we wish it could look like this again!



Look in the background!

On our way back from New Braunfels we stayed one night in Fredricksburg. We found this place last year and loved it. It is on a ranch outside of the city. It is a very peaceful place.

Luckenbach, TX

He has been doing a lot of this!!!!