Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Glad Today is OVER!!!!

Well, it sounds like Graham had a great day at daycare today. I am so glad to have this day behind me. Thank you to everyone who kept telling me it would be OK!!!!!

They fill out a little daily sheet on them telling you what they did throughout the day. Graham took both naps! I am so happy that he did and hope that he continues. This is what I was most worried about because he has always been "contained" to take naps. They said he ate most of his lunch, was happy, and that they talked about and colored a bird today. He should have liked that because he knows the sign for bird and points them out everywhere.

So... I guess he will go back tomorrow. I hope that tomorrow goes just as well.


Jamie said...

Glad everything went ok... Do you love your new school? I hear it's nice!

AMBER said...

Hey, girl. I have been through this before with both kids. It's tough, but it does get better. It sounds like Graham had a great time though. I guess we will probably see ya on Thursday night.