Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just a thought....

Summer is here and I have now realized just how dirty everything in my house is. I just cleaned out my nasty car and then started looking at the kitchen!!!! I cleaned the toaster which is now leading into other things!!!

Does anyone else feel this way?


Ashley said...

Hey! Summer is here! YAY!

We go swimming at Melanie Park South and love it. It is perfect for small kids. It is between Indiana and Memphis and you can see it when you are on the loop. It would be awesome if you came this summer. my email is codyandash at gmail dot com

Science Spectrum is so fun. It is like $50 for two people (kids under 2 are free) or $85 for 5 people for a year. We split the 5 with another family so it was a better deal and we just either go together or trade the card if we go.

Thanks for your comment. You are so sweet.

Happy Summer!

Jennifer-Colley said...

Hey! I totally feel this way and have made a list of all the things/places that I need to clean out! lets hang out soon!