Friday, May 30, 2008


So...this is how I found him at 4:00 am Thursday morning!!!! He talks and crys alot in his sleep but as long as we don't mess with him he is fine. I usually get up and check on him in the middle of the night anyways and after this one crying episode I thought I better go and look at him!!!! I am so glad I did! Raymond was at the fire station, so I went and got my camera before I got him UN-STUCK and he was STUCK! He was a little wedged in. I had to turn him sideways and push. All I have to say is poor baby!!!!


FranklyMartin said...

Poor baby is right! :-( The same thing has happened to me. I just assume she is being fussy and she'll cry it out and then I find her chubby little legs caught in the crib. We need to get together this summer!!!

Kelli said...

I can't believe how big Graham is getting! He's adorable.