Thursday, August 4, 2011

Carson Family Reunion

We traveled to St. Louis for the Carson Family Reunion this year.  They have one every 2 years in different locations.  We flew, which made it interesting but speedy none the less.  I think I spent June and July worrying about flying with 2 small children!!!  We left July 21st and did not get home until the 28th.  We rode 4 different airplanes.  G1 was excited about the airplane ride and the hotel.  Oh to be little!

I did not take very many pictures because G2 did not leave my side!  He would not even go with Raymond for more than 2 seconds.  So, I am sorry to all the family that is not in our pictures.  I took pictures at these 2 locations and these 2 locations only.  The camera did go everywhere but getting it out did not happen.  Also, St. Louis was HOT and HUMID!  Oh my goodness, I was constantly squirting G2's head with water.  It is hot in Lubbock, but nothing compared to there!

We had a great time touring the Cardinals Stadium.  G1 got a Cardinals shirt and has been in that or his Josh Hamilton shirt ever since we got back.

Cousin Reese - G1 loved hanging out with him!

Carson and Duke

G2 loved his sling.  We were inside prior to this and he shortly got out of this due to the heat!!!

I am so glad to be in a picture!!!  I am always behind the camera.

What a beautiful background for a baseball game.  Raymond went with the guys later that night for a game. 

Now from the other perspective.  This is from the top of the arch looking at the stadium!

Mississippi River from the arch.

My pictures are a little out of order but Wow, what a sight to see.  We watched a short video of how it was built.  G1 sat through the whole thing and actually took in everything.  He is asking about 500 questions a day lately!!!!  (REALLY)

This would be my husbands awesome camera skills.  We are at the arch.  I would love to see it in the background and not half the picture filled with the sidewalk.  I am going to have to work on this with him if I want to have good pictures of my self with the boys in the future!

Love this picture of us!
We did this the first day.  It was amazing how we got to the top.  They put you in a little round pod that can only sit 5 people.  It is really not for people that get claustrophobic.  I had really not thought about how we would get up there until we were about to load the little things!!!  Raymond and I just looked at each other like what I have we done to ourselves.  After we had already gone, we learned that the week before some lucky people were stuck in them for over an hour.  Lovely!  That would have not been fun with a baby.  So thankful that was not us!

We did do other things as well.  We took a tour of the Budweiser Brewery, went to the races, the zoo and the Magic house.  We ate really good food and had a great time.  We let G1 pick a horse to win at the races and he thought that he was going to get to take it home.  We finally figured out why he was so upset after he kept asking about his horse.  Poor baby!  G1 went 90 to nothing everyday with all of his cousins.  He loves them so much!  They are all so sweet to include and play with him so much!

Thank you Duchatschek Family for a great Reunion!

We stayed in St. Louis until Tuesday and then went back to Dallas until Thursday.  All 4 of us went to a Ranger game on Tuesday night and then just Raymond and G1 went to a game on Wednesday night.  After the heat and humidity in St. Louis, Dallas was nothing.  We also ate at the Rainforest Cafe and went to the Galleria to take G1 ice skating.  Wow, what a trip.  We were all exhausted when we returned.

Now, onto my Mommy post.  If you are not a mother, you might want to stop reading now!  LOL  So, I am proud to say that G2 has been a breastfed baby boy since birth!!!  Breastfeeding takes a lot of work, especially when traveling!  I had attempted to introduce my little one to formula a couple of weeks before we left in case I got in a jam along the way.  Well, he did not think that it would be a good idea to do so!  I am not a public breastfeeder, so I got to spend some time in bathrooms along the way pumping and prayed every time to just make a bottle.  Which I did, but you know what I mean.  Poor baby was really attached to me the WHOLE trip.  He is a really happy baby, but with the extreme heat and activities, it made him not such a happy baby.  It was exhausting!!!  He also starting getting a cold on the last day and went to the dr. when we got back.  I think it just drained him.  Anyways, this is a blog and that is what blogs are for.  I usually don't write much, but I have made up for it in this post!  


mindlessmamma said...

SOOO proud of you for keeping on with the nursing:) Slayde would never even take a bottle, so my nursing drape was my best friend for 13 months! When it cools off, let's get the kids together at the park or something.

Organized Chaos said...

I love the Arch pictures! You Stanfords are troopers! I'm impressed with the nursing! G2 is one determined baby! That's awesome!

So glad you're home safely. See you soon! Very, very soon... ;)

Anonymous said...

We loved seeing you! Wish we had a chance to talk more (those kids... they tend to take our attention, eh?!)

Anonymous said...

We loved seeing you! Wish we had a chance to talk more (those kids... they tend to take our attention, eh?!)