Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday!

I can't believe that four years ago tonight, I became a Mom to this sweet little boy! I have loved every minute of it.

He is full of energy and I am afraid going to love sports just as much as his Daddy. He still loves his little blue blanket to sleep with, wants his back rubbed, and loves to cuddle. But, then is telling me to not look at him when he is doing certain things. Being a teacher, I can't believe that he is about to be the age I am teaching. He knows all his shapes, colors, and 24 letters! We are going to work on him writing his name this summer, so he will be ready for preschool 4's!!!! Wow!

Happy Birthday G1!


Organized Chaos said...

I love the top picture of you with Graham. Just lovely! :)