Friday, March 4, 2011

Never thought this would happen!

If you know my father-n-law, you know what a HUGE purchase this was for him. He has not had a new truck since the beginning of the 80's!

GO BILL!!!!!!! Congratulations!

I don't have a picture of his old truck, but take away the camper shell on this one and you basically have his truck. Raymond and I had our first date in this truck! The speedometer did not work that night. LOL You will probably still see Bill driving this one as his new truck sits in the barn. It might take him a while to drive the new one. If fact, Raymond drove it home yesterday before Bill even drove it once.

Here is the old blue dodge that he also still drives around the house! I really want to set this truck by my gate and make the bed a flower bed. Do you think he would part with it since he has updated! This is the actual truck that I took a picture of after getting my new camera a couple of summers ago.

Congratulations Bill! We are all still in a little shock!