Saturday, January 22, 2011

Photography by April Walker

Here is just a few of Mr. Garrett at ONE week old.

Thank you April! I love the third one! You did an awesome job.

I took this one. At the hospital they had a sweet picture of a baby boy in TECH football helmet. I wanted to do it with Garrett. Let's just say that it did not work the way I thought! So, I settled for a cute one of him in his Tech hat!!!


Misti said...

These are great pics! I love the Tech hat one!!! Congrats...he is adorable!

Organized Chaos said...

ADORABLE!!!! Oh, I love newborn pictures. He such a sweetie! Good job, April! :)

Melissa said...

He is precious! Just like his big brother. Hope y'all are doing better. Time spent in the hospital is exhausting.