Friday, February 5, 2010

Pink Day

This Thursday is Pink Day at school and Graham does not have a pink shirt, so I made him one. I took one of the Fire Department's breast cancer awareness shirts and made a little boy shirt. Just don't look to close, but it will work!!! :D

Silly boy! I still needed to fix the bottom, but I needed him to try it on before he took a nap.


Janet said...

I need sewing lessons...this is so cool!!!

Martha said...

So cute, Graham! Mrs.Martha will be so excited to see it on Thursday! Great job!!!!!

Organized Chaos said...

Look at you! Man! I can't find a pink shirt for G, and I thought, "Well, at least he won't be the only boy not in a pink shirt. Graham won't have one either." But not now...


Cool sewing skills, BTW.


Ashley said...

Thank you!

They live in the Dallas area. It is a very sad situation