Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I just want to say thank you for those of you that posted something about "shots."
We all just want to do the right thing for our kids. There is so much out there right now about what to do. I will and have given Graham all of his shots to date and on the date!

I believe that God puts struggles in all of our lives. Whether it be finances, death, or special needs children! (just a couple of things, whether it is caused by shots or not!) As a teacher, the children with special needs are the ones that we LOVE! I feel that I am speaking for a majority of teachers here. They are the ones that you follow through the years. They hold a special place in our hearts. Those children are known throughout the building. I am not saying that I don't love my regular ed. kids as well, but I hope you get what I am saying. For those that know the ones that I have, I check on them all the time to see how they are doing. And everyone knows the one that absolutely stole my heart! So, I believe that God gives those children to special people to love and be loved. I know that they are challenging but don't we all face challenges everyday. Don't we all face things that are completely different from our neighbor, friend, or family members. We all just want to live our life to the fullest!

Wow! What a post! I will now get off this subject and start posting more pictures of Graham. (ERIN) I have had a GREAT week with Graham. Having these fun filled days just makes me wish for summer even more!!!!

Feel free to post on the post of the post! LOL


Kristi said...

That is so true! Those special needs children are a blessing as well! Their outlook on life is refreshing! I cannot even imagine life without my uncle (he is special needs)and he has never met a stanger and never has anything bad to say about anyone.

I am a believer in the shots as well and think the autism argument has more to do with developmental time frames. JMO

David W. Davis said...

Stephanie, thank you for having the courage to put your struggle out there for all of us that are enduring the same questions to appreciate and learn from. I know that you have strongly considered all arguments and respect that you have made a decision that is right for your family.

I must say that I ardently disagree with your conclusion but admire and will always value my friendship with you and Raymond. To post the objections I have to risks associated with both vaccinating and not vaccinating would take up too much space on this comment and would not be prudent. I encourage everyone to strongly consider, as you have the spiritual, philosophical, and social implications of all of their decisions when it comes to things of this matter.

Children are a blessing and the responsibility to raise them up in health and in love is one that should be well researched, prayed about, and respected. I believe you have done all of these things and in spite of our disagreeing I am proud of you and encouraged to be a better more informed parent. Thank you again for your boldness and candor.