Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I hope that these are OUR ROBBERS!!!!!

Two weeks ago our house got broken into. It happened in the middle of the day, while Raymond was away from the house for 2.5 hours!!!! We had the Lynn County Sheriff come out that night after we discovered it at 10:00 pm. They took all my jewelry and cash that we had stashed away. We are lucky that they did not do any damage. Since then we have heard about so many other robberies that also happened during the middle of the day around Woodrow Road.

So... I hope that these are the guys that have seen the inside of my house and that they will like spending some time in JAIL!!!! Surely something bad will happen to them. They said that they are connected with around 35 robberies. But, do I really want to see the faces of the people that took my stuff and know my house.

But... we have now activated the alarm that we have had since the house was built and installed blinds in our garage. We also want to do some other things around the house. So, if you want to get into our house now, you will have the law called within 30 seconds!!! HaHa!!! They also missed our guns(thank goodness), so we still have them.

I have never been afraid to stay by myself but now you better call before you come or I might get my GUN!!!!!


Monica said...

wow! glad everyone is okay and hope they caught them. Take care

Chey-Anne Smart said...

I am so sorry-that stinks! Makes you so mad for people to violate your home like that. I hope they are caught and hung out to dry!!!! Jerks!

Chey-Anne Smart said...

I cannot stand it when people tell me their kids haven't ever thrown up! I mean seriously-it's not fair. Everyone should be barfed on at least once!!!